Preventing Overdiagnosis 2018

Copenhagen will have the honour of hosting the 6th international conference on Preventing Overdiagnosis.

Save the Date - August 20 to 22, 2018
Venue - Panum Building, Copenhagen

Registration Opens August 20th 2017
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Preventing Overdiagnosis 2017: Towards Responsible Global Solutions

Thank you very much for attending another great POD conference in Quebec City.

A fantastic amount of you gave your support to the aims of a global conference that encourages a research generation to disseminate the problem of overdiagnosis and work on potential solutions.

The Preventing Overdiagnosis conference covers how physicians, researchers and patients can implement solutions to the problems of overdiagnosis and overuse in the healthcare system using evidence available and that currently being generated. We offer a platform for delegates to learn how to avoid waste, use best practice when communicating and engaging with patients and the public, and achieve a better understanding of the benefits of shared decision making within the constraints of modern practice. 2017 material can be found on the Conference drop down HERE.

POD conferences continue working towards making our health systems safe sustainable and successful well into the future. We look forward to seeing you all in Copenhagen, August 2018.


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