Preventing Overdiagnosis 2018

Copenhagen has the honour of hosting the 6th international conference on Preventing Overdiagnosis.

Date - August 20 to 22, 2018

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Panum Building,
University of Copenhagen
Blegdamsvej 3B
2200 Copenhagen N

Registration Open Early Bird Rate Closes May 31st

2018 Confirmed Speakers

Why are we so afraid to be normal – Iona Heath

De-implementation and the Challenge of Tackling Overdiagnosis at the Level of the Consultation - Gisle Roksund, Michael Baum & Tara Montgomery

Turning Citizens Into Patients Unnecessarily – Cécile Bour & Jean Doubovetzky, Juan Pablo Brito and Lisa Schwartz & Steve Woloshin

The Impact of Power Driven Overdiagnosis - The Role of Regulators & Health Authorities - Søren Brostrøm , Paul Glasziou & Salvatore Vaccarella

Overdiagnosis 2.0 (Technolnogy) - Henrik Vogt, Claus Ekstrøm & Johnny Kung

Psychiatry and Overdiagnosis – Allen Frances, Anders Petersen & Olga Runciman

Overdiagnosis in Risk Prevention: Cardiovascular - Hálfdán Pétursson, Torben Jørgensen & Paul Whelton

2018 Conference Themes

• De-implementation and the Challenge of Tackling Overdiagnosis at the Level of the Consultation

• Turning Citizens Into Patients Unnecessarily

• The Impact of Power Driven Overdiagnosis: The Role of Regulators & Health Authorities

• Overdiagnosis 2.0 (Technology)

• Psychiatry and Overdiagnosis

• The Role of Risk Factors in Overdiagnosis

The Preventing Overdiagnosis conference covers how physicians, researchers and patients can implement solutions to the problems of overdiagnosis and overuse in the healthcare system using evidence available and that currently being generated. We offer a platform for delegates to learn how to avoid waste, use best practice when communicating and engaging with patients and the public, and achieve a better understanding of the benefits of shared decision making within the constraints of modern practice. 2017 material can be found on the Conference drop down HERE.

POD conferences continue working towards making our health systems safe sustainable and successful well into the future. We look forward to seeing you all in Copenhagen, August 2018.

Instructions for Presenters

Oral Presentations

Authors are allocated 15 minutes, ten plus five for questions. Please keep to the time limit to ensure all presenters receive equal opportunity. Room allocation, running order and Chairperson will published in the print programme available at the registration desk. Please note the running order is subject to change in case of any absences or if papers are better suited in a different order.

Using your own laptop is not a problem but can delay proceedings. We will request that you present last to avoid eating into the session time. Note, this could cut your own presentation time short. Presentations will not be requested prior to the conference, please bring a copy with you on a USB stick for transferring onto the laptop already set up in the room. Rooms will be open 30 minutes before each session for you to load (and run through) slides.

Clearly labelled presentations should be placed into a pre-named folder e.g. Monday August 20th am/pm on the desk top, a team member will be available to offer assistance if needed. All computers will be wiped after the event. Permission to keep a pdf copy of your presentation for adding to the Preventing Overdiagnosis Archive will be requested by way of a form requiring a signature. These forms will be on the lectern in each room.

A seat marked Reserved will be made available for you at the front row. Please be in the room and prepared at least five minutes before the session is due to start.

Poster Presentations

Each poster must be on view up to and including the last break on Wednesday 22nd August (15:30 - 16:00). PODC 2018 has extended breaks giving better opportunities for poster presenters to discuss content.

The mounting board for each poster is 6' high x 3' wide (portrait) and can accommodate one A0 poster each side. Poster boards will be numbered. Your poster number will be the number beside your title in the printed programme. Velcro fastenings will be provided.

Poster + Research in Conversation Presentations

The aim is to develop informal drop in breakfast sessions with coffee and pastries, creating a relaxed environment to discuss research topics and opportunities. Please make yourself available from 08:00 on Tuesday August 21 and Wednesday August 22nd.

Workshop 90 minutes - Workshops are led by one or more facilitators and should include objectives and learning outcomes. Participants should work, think and process. lots of interaction, not just a talking shop.
Seminar 90 minutes - This involves more individual thinking, with one or two people opening the seminar with an introduction to the discussion point. This is followed by a full group discussion on the topic, question or idea that has been put forward.

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Co-sponsored by the World Health Organization

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