Unfortunately due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding so many aspects of creating a successful inclusive international event the Preventing Overdiagnosis 2021 face to face event is postponed to 2022.

In place of POD2021 we are developing a virtual programme for 2021/22 to include focussed panel sessions, abstract presentations and networking opportunities.

September 2021– Panel Session – History of Overdiagnosis: Experiences of overdiagnosis past and lessons for the future

September 2021 – Parallel Abstract Sessions

October 2021 – Panel Session – An Introduction to Overdiagnosis

November 2021 – Parallel Abstract Sessions

November 2021 – Panel Session – Misuse of EBM as a Driver to Overdiagnosis

December 2021Networking Session

January 2022 – Parallel Abstract Sessions

February 2022 – Panel Session – Reflections on a meta-synthesis of research about lay understandings of overtesting and Overdiagnosis

March 2022 – Parallel Abstract Sessions

April 2022 – Panel Session – Covid-19: the rebound effect on overdiagnosis

April 2022 – Panel Session – Difficulties faced by ECRs engaged in Overdiagnosis research and solutions for overcoming them

May 2022Workshop – Practical guidance for grant writing +/- project development

May 2022 – Panel Session – Can Law, Health Policy and Ethics Rein in the Harms of Overdiagnosis?

Please refer to preveningoverdiagnosis.net and @PreventingODx for updates.

PODC Webinars

Webinar 1 - The COVID-19 Pandemic and Disparities in Health

Webinar 2 – Preventing Over-Extrapolation from Data to Policy

Webinar 3 – Learning from the Pandemic: Can COVID-19 help us build a better healthcare system?

Copenhagen Statement

The following statement was adopted by the participants at the end of the 6th Annual Conference held in Copenhagen on August 20– 22 2018.

On behalf of the Preventing Overdiagnosis Board, Scientific Committee and Local Organising Committee we want to thank you for attending the 6th Annual Conference held in Copenhagen on August 20– 22 2018.

The following statement was adopted by the participants at the end of the conference:

This conference regrets the fact that the draft Astana Declaration on Primary Health Care 2018 (From Alma-Ata towards Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals) makes no reference to the public health and clinical challenges of overdiagnosis and overtreatment. These challenges include direct harms to patients and citizens, misallocation of resources, and, over the longer term, they threaten the sustainability of universal healthcare systems and so undermine global health. Sustainable health systems must explicitly manage the twin problems of underuse and overuse.

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