PODC 2022

Preventing Overdiagnosis Evidence, Equity and Post Pandemic Health Care
Hosted by the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada 9-12 June 2022.

Advancing the research agenda in overdiagnosis by offering a platform for professionals from across healthcare spectrum and members of the public to discuss the driving factors of overdiagnosis, its consequences, and strategies for preventing or mitigating those consequences.

Conference Themes

Equity & Equality: disparities in healthcare provision, marginalized populations, conflicts of interest driving inequity
• Sustainability and lessons learned from COVID-19: repurposing healthcare after a pandemic
• Medicalizing citizens: the harms of screening, disease thresholds, industry influences, the role of media
• The role of specialists in generating overdiagnosis and their efforts to mitigate it
• Clinical Practice: Other dimensions of ODx, overtesting and the harms of too much medicine


Registration OPEN – Concession rates Available.