2015 Presentations

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Role of the media in preventing or promoting overdiagnosis – Gary Schwitzer



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Is the origin of unwarranted variation in the family physician’s office? – Johan Breidabik



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Overdiagnosis or real clinical benefit- Joris AH de Groot



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The overdiagnosis of ADHD – Sheelah Mills and Kevin Ronan



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The overdiagnosis of ADHD- Sheelah Mills and Kevin Ronan



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Initiation of statin therapy for primary prevention – Helle Wallach Kildemoes



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W(h)ither expertise: Choosing wisely in brain imaging- Peter J Whitehouse



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Overdiagnosis as an issue for life and living benefits insurance – Kevin Somerville



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Inflection Point Two Decade in the Making – Barry Arbuckle, James Leo, Lorellen Green



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New PR tactics promoting drugs for “female sexual dysfunction”- Leonore Tiefer




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Evaluating the evidence for Choosing Wisely in primary care using the Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy (SORT)- Kenneth Lin, Joseph Yancey



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The Role and Limitations of Statistical Modelling in Estimating Overdiagnosis in Screening Programs – Barry Kramer


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Benefits and Harms of Routine Preoperative Testing – Ethan Balk



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External validity of placebo-controlled trails of thromboprophylaxis for medical patients cited in clinical practice guidlines – Sami Morin, Ben Abdallah



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Is there over-screening for Cancer in patients with limited predicted life expectancy – Ronen Bareket



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Referral Management – Ayodele Kazeem



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Pharyngitis Complications in North America in the 21st Century – Ian Johnston



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Assessment of benefit of ultrasound monitoring of adnexal masses <10cm on ovarian cancer early detection – Betty Suh-Burgmann



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Psychosocial and decision process effects of information about overdetection in a breast screen – Jolyn Hersch



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SDM in Thyroid Cancer: Why, When and How? – Juan P. Brito



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Development and Evaluation of a Decision Aid on Mammography Screening for Women 75+ – Mara Schonberg



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Consequences of Overdiagnosis – Lars Kristian,  Hebsgaard Jessen



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Should We Require Informed Consent Forms for Risk Factor Treatment? – John Yudkin



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Establishment of the Israeli Society for the Reduction of Overdiagnosis (ISROD) – Anat Gaver



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Is there an App for that? Assessing a web-based tool (MedStopper) as a decision-aid in “Deprescribing” – Alan Cassels



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The society for Patient Centered Orthopedics – James Rickert




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Addressing overtreatment of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) – Brooke Nickel



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Abstract 0072_Leonard Pogach




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A comparative effectiveness trial of alternate presentations of benefits and harms information – Stacey Sheridan