2016 Presentations

Jayant VaidyaThe TARGIT trial and the chance confirmation of the hazards of over-diagnosis when screening for breast cancer


Aaron LearDoes admission of low risk chest pain patients lead to unnecessary coronary angiography?

Agnish NayakWhat is the evidence for legacy effects of statins? A Systematic Review

Anne Katrine BieWhy do some colorectal cancer screening participants choose not to undergo colonoscopy following a positive test result?

Astridur StefansdottirWhy are fat people the focus of medical attention?

Barbara DunnOverdiagnosis in Genetic Screening: Uncertainty

Barry KramerPolicy Strategies for De-­implementation: Challenges in the Setting of Overdiagnosis

Benjamin CookAre Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Youth Psychotropic Medication Due to Overuse by Whites?

Brett ThombsThere is Not Evidence that “Screening” with Self-Report Questionnaires for Presently Experienced Health Problems and Symptoms Improves Health

Brooke NickelStories of overdiagnosis: men’s experiences of choosing not to have surgery for prostate cancer

Brooke NickelWords do matter: a systematic review on how different terminology for the same condition influences treatment preferences

Cari AlmazánHow to avoid unnecessary care

Carlo LiveraniInnapropriate use of HPV testing among Italian gynecologists

Caterina VicensEvaluation of a multifactorial intervention to reduce benzodiazepine use in primary care. A randomized cluster clinical trial. Study protocol.

Charlotte LundeThe making of a patient

Cinzia ColomboCitizen juries to inform healthcare policy decisions

Claudia WildAppropriateness of MRI in Austria: Identification of overuse

Corine Mouton DoreyOverdiagnosis and Big Data: An ethical perspective

Daniel Reuland Effects of a lung cancer screening decision aid on overdiagnosis knowledge and screening intent in primary care patients

David WarrinerDefining response & reducing harms from clinical therapies: Lessons from CRT

Dawnelle TopstadAn Escalating in Canada 1970–2012 Thyroid Cancer Epidemic

Donatella SghedoniDoing More does not mean Doing Better Project

Donatella Sghedoni“Doing more does not meaning do better” Project: some ambiguities may not prevent overdiagnosis and overtreatment

 Elizabeth ThomasThe prevalence of incidental breast cancer and neoplastic precursors: A systematic review of autopsy studies

Eric Coon Overdiagnosis of Coronary Artery Abnormalities among Children with Kawasaki Disease

Fiona MillerInformally regulated innovation systems: Challenges for responsible innovation in diagnostics

Gari BlumbergWho chooses laboratory tests? The physician or the computer?

Gary SchwitzerPernicious Promotion of Overdiagnosis – Public Relations News Releases

Helen MacdonaldBMJ Breakfast Session

Ian ScottUnderuse of risk assessment and overuse of CTPA in patients with suspected pulmonary thromboembolism

Ian ScottUnnecessary hospitalisation and investigation of low risk patients presenting to hospital with chest pain

Jack BedemanLiving on benefits: How cancer screening is portrayed in the UK national press Running title: ‘Overdiagnosis coverage in the media

Jacobo MendiorozDiagnostic Quality Standards (DQS) Reducing overdiagnosis in primary health care.

Jacobo MendiorozPrescription Quality Standards (PQS) Reducing overdiagnosis in primary health care.

James RickertAn Innovative Patient-Centered Precertification and Data Collection Process for Total Joint Replacements

Jessica Otte –  Exploring global variation in terminology pertaining to ‘preventing overdiagnosis’

Johanna Caro MendivelsoImpact of ESSENCIAL recommendations in primary care

Jolyn Hersch12-Month Follow-Up Effects of Overdetection Information in a Breast Screening Decision Aid Trial

Juame_GalceranEstimation of the Effect of Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test on Prostate Cancer Incidence, Survival and Prevalence in Tarronga, Spain

Juan Victor Ariel FrancoIdentificación de discrepancias en listados de medicación y prescripciones potencialmente inadecuadas: estudio de corte transversal en ancianos polimedicados

Kathrin SchloblerA German Decision Aid to use within pre-screening discussions

Kuniyoshi HayashiMeasurement error of HbA1c for screening for type 2 diabetes among healthy Japanese adults

Lindy WillmottReasons doctors provide ‘futile’ treatment at the end of life: An Australian qualitative study

Luca Iaboli DOCTOR G, a graphic medicine project promoting statistical literacy to contrast overdiagnosis

Martin WhitelyThe Rise and Fall of Child ADHD Prescribing in Perth Western Australia – Lessons Learned in Isolation

Montserrat RueTowards a better paradigm for breast cancer screening

Moriah EllenAddressing ‘Overuse’ in Health Systems: A Critical Interpretive Synthesis

Natalie ArmstrongTrial participation as a strategy to avoid overdiagnosis

 Nuria Molist – A Patient-Centered Prescription Model assessing the appropriateness of chronic drug therapy in older patients

Pamela MarcusCancer overdiagnosis: Discussing our disagreements

Paul LevinPenny Wise Pound Foolish: The Fifteen Minute Office Visit

Per-Henrik ZahlOverdiagnosis of Clinicllay Irrelevant Cancer

Peter WhitehouseAmyloid PET Scans: Another Expensive Imaging Test We Don’t Need?

Pierre Massion Molecular characterization of early stage lung adenocarcinoma

Robert GelfandOverdiagnosis of Overweight and Obesity: Cultural Dogma Trumps Evidence-Based Medicine

Ronen Bareket SchonbeAutomated Prediction of Life Expectancy?

Roser Valles FernandezDeprescribing drugs that do not provide benefit to the patient

Russel HarrisCase Study #1: Patient and Provider Targeted Strategies for De-­‐Implementation

Ruth EtzioniEstimating Overdiagnosis from Trials and Populations

Samanta AdomaviciuteEvaluation of the impact of medical and policy reviews in tackling overtreatment in musculoskeletal conditions using a predictive modelling approach

Saurabh JhaOverdiagnosis and Radiologists

Saurabh JhaOverdiagnosis: The Solutions

Susann SchafferAntibiotics for acute cough in general practice. Differences between high and low prescribers

Timothy WiltClinical Guidelines and Recommendations from the American College of Physicians

Valentina RapuanoMember Risk Model: A method to reduce over utilisation by predicting high cost claimants

Wynne NortonDe-Implementation: Exploring Multi-Level Strategies for Reducing Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment