2017 Presentations

Lionel Adisso – Scaling up shared decision making to the general public through workshops in public libraries: A proof of concept

Ronald Adler – Cancer Overdiagnosis Explained: A Simple Graphical Model

Natalie Armstrong – System change to mitigate overdiagnosis and overtreatment: How to ensure ‘just enough medicine’?

Fred Arthur – The failure of the PSA test: Implications (and Opportunities)

Tessa Copp – Are expanding disease definitions unnecessarily labeling women with BCOS?

Décary S -Diagnostic validity of combining history elements and physical tests for traumatic and degenerative symptomatic meniscal tears

James A Dickinson – Frequency of Pap testing in women aged 15-29 in Alberta: A case of over-screening?

Gregory Doyle – Avoidable diagnostic breast imaging and biopsy investigations: Impact of rising abnormal screening mammography rates

Barbara Dunn – Overdiagnosis in Genetic Screening: Implications for Primary Care Providers

Danielle D. Durham -Awareness of overdiagnosis in cancer screening among post-doctoral students enrolled in a cancer screening course

Wieteke van Dijk – “Dear neurologist, that’s not my spine. That’s a model on a table.” How contextual factors contribute to decision making

Rachel Farber – Examination of the Practice Shift from Plain Film Mammography to Digital Mammography: A Scoping Review

Dennis Fechtelpeter – Development and pilot testing of a short film explaining overdiagnosis

Cindy Gauvreau – The comparative impacts of cervical cancer screening guidelines on the overdiagnosis of precancerous lesions in Canada.

W. Gregory Feero – Overdiagnosis, Genetic Screening, and the Primary Care Provider

Dr. Fabien Gagnon – Overdiagnosis of Psychiatric Disability: Best practice, Advocacy, <Complaisance>, Fraud of Ignorance?

Par Marc-André Gagnon – L’économie politique fantôme des firmes pharmaceutiques: Analyser les racines du surdiagnostic

Martin Gariépy – Measuring overuse and underuse of brain CTs in pediatric patients with mTBI in two Canadian emergency departments

Anat Gaver – Implementing Measures for Reduction of Overdiagnosis and Over Treatment in Clinical Guidelines – a Position Paper

El Kebir Ghandour – Adaptation d’outils d’Aide à la Décision Américains pour réduire la surutilisation de la TDM cérébrale pour les traumatismes crâniens légers

Kathy J. Helzisouer – Genetic Counseling: Dealing with Uncertainty

Jolyn Hersch – How Information about Overdetection Changes Breast Screening Decisions: Mediation Analysis within a Randomised Controlled Trial

Robin Holtedahl – Knee arthroscopy for degenerative meniscal tears and osteoarthritis in Norway: experience with reducing the volume

Karsten Juhl Jørgensen – Identifying ”red flags” when re- assessing screening programmes

Edeltraut Kröger – Health Impacts and Characteristics of Deprescribing Interventions in Older Adults: A Systematic Review

Thomas Kühlein – What do German GPs thing about overdiagnosis – a questionnaire study

Antoine Lapointe – Le dosage du calcium, magnésium, phosphore: Pertinence et impacts à l’urgence

Brooke Levis – Overdiagnosis of major depression based on lay-administered fully structured diagnostic interviews

Laura Lloblet – Facing a dilemma in elderly complex and vulnerable patients: To stop or not to stop intervention?

Pamela Marcus – Serendipitous detection of pancreas cancer during lung cancer screening with low-dose computed tomography

Emily McDonald – Workshop – Deprescribing:the solution to irrational polypharmacy

Emily McDonald – Deprescribing: The solution to irrational polypharmacy

Dr Kevin McGeechan – Factors associated with the initiation of testosterone replacement therapy among men participating in the 45 and Up study

Niall McLaren – Misdiagnosis and Overdiagnosis in Psychiatry: The Looming Catastrophe

Gilles Mignot – Une liste de médicaments à exclure des soins.

Lynne Moore – Canadian Program for Monitoring Overuse in Injury Care

Milan Mrekaj – Effectiveness of Conservative Treatment for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Brooke Nickel – Applying a research framework for medical overuse – examples from research in thyroid cancer

Samara Noble – Could disease labeling have positive effects? An experimental study exploring the effect of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome label on social support.

Wynne E. Norton – De-Implementation of Ineffective, Unproven, Harmful, or Low-Value Health Care Services and Practices

John W. Osterman – Overdiagnosis and Public Health Inventing an Epidemic in Moldy Montreal Schools

Ora Paltiel – Examining the utilization of CT or PET-CT for routine surveillance of asymptomatic lymphoma patienrs in remission in Israel

Ora Paltiel – User of National Quality Indicators to Reduce Under- and Over-diagnosis of Cervical Cancer in Israel

Geneviève Rail – Overdiagnosis and the construction of “at-risk” girls: HPV vaccination campaigns as rescue missions

Tristan Rainville – Use of modified intention to treat analysis in studies of direct oral anticoagulants and risk of selection bias.

Dr. Chris Rauscher – Polypharmacy Risk Reduction in British Columbia, Canada- Practical Experience of Moving From Contemplation to Action

Marc Rhainds – Prenatal Ultrasound in Normal Pregnancy: The Bridge Between Health Technology Assessment and Local Medical Perspectives

Ignacio Ricci – Colonoscopy overuse in colorectal cancer screening in Argentina

Paula Riganti – Motivating factors influencing women on performing mammograms for breast cancer screening

Catherine Riva – Dépistage du cancer du sein par mammographie, surdiagnostic et conflits d’intérêts

Dr Imran Sajid – Commissioning Diagnostics: System Biases & How to Influence

Martin Scherer – Guideline for “Protection against Over- and Underuse of Healthcare” of the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM)

Dana Šumilo – How many tonsillectomies are necessary? An eleven year retrospective study

Bram Vrijsen – The positive side of overdiagnosis

BJ Wilson – First do no harm? The importance of communicating overdiagnosis in guideline recommendations

Nick Zhygan – Choosing Wisely: One person at a time