Upcoming Webinars

September 2021– Panel Session – History of Overdiagnosis: Experiences of overdiagnosis past and lessons for the future

September 2021 – Parallel Abstract Sessions

October 2021 – Panel Session – An Introduction to Overdiagnosis

November 2021 – Parallel Abstract Sessions

November 2021 – Panel Session – Misuse of EBM as a Driver to Overdiagnosis

December 2021Networking Session

January 2022 – Parallel Abstract Sessions

February 2022 – Panel Session – Reflections on a meta-synthesis of research about lay understandings of overtesting and Overdiagnosis

March 2022 – Parallel Abstract Sessions

April 2022 – Panel Session – Covid-19: the rebound effect on overdiagnosis

April 2022 – Panel Session – Difficulties faced by ECRs engaged in Overdiagnosis research and solutions for overcoming them

May 2022Workshop – Practical guidance for grant writing +/- project development

May 2022 – Panel Session – Can Law, Health Policy and Ethics Rein in the Harms of Overdiagnosis?


Past Webinars

Webinar 1 – The COVID-19 Pandemic and Disparities in Health

Webinar 2 – Preventing Over-Extrapolation from Data to Policy

Webinar 3 – Learning from the Pandemic: Can COVID-19 help us build a better healthcare system?