POD Webinar Series Episode 3

17 Nov 2020 – 16:00 AEDT

Learning from the pandemic: Can COVID-19 help us build a better healthcare system?


The Asia-Pacific, and final, PODC webinar for 2020 is hosted by PODC partner Wiser Healthcare. This webinar will focus on system impacts of COVID-19 and potential future implications for the healthcare system, addressing these questions:


1.    How has healthcare service utilisation changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what has this revealed about effective and ineffective care?

2.    Have these changes made things better or worse for patients, publics, healthcare workers, and healthcare systems?

3.    Can COVID-19 disruption help healthcare build back better: with less low value care, more needed care, and minimal under- and overdiagnosis?


The event will be chaired by senior Wiser Healthcare investigator Prof Paul Glasziou, who will welcome two speakers followed by a moderated Q&A panel discussion. We are excited to announce the following participants:



–          Prof Anne Duggan, ACSQHC 

–          A/Prof Ray Moynihan, Wiser Healthcare



–          Kim Sutherland, ACI NSW

–          Dr Megan Keaney, DoH 

–          Leah Hardiman, Health Consumer

–          Prof Jenny Doust, Wiser Healthcare/GP

–          A/Prof Katy Bell, Wiser Healthcare




Registration is available HERE